Basic- $295
60 Minutes
1-2 Looks
2 Retouched Images
Standard- $425
2-2.5 Hours
2-4 Looks
5 Retouched Images
Deluxe- $595
4 Hours
5+ Looks
10 Retouched Images
All packages include a private online gallery containing all the images from your shoot.  It is password protected, so only the friends and family members you choose to share it with can view the images.  You may also download any of the low-res images you like from this gallery.

Book with a friend and save!

Sometimes having your best friend around is the perfect way to ensure your personality shines the brightest. They can make you laugh naturally, and will be the first to tell you if you look like yourself or are faking it for the camera. If you book a session with a friend, you each save $25 off the basic package, or $50 off the standard package.

Want to have a headshot party with more of your friends? Contact me for additional group rates.


Do I need a hair stylist and make-up artist?

No! While you might love the idea of someone giving you a flawless hairstyle and perfectly polished make-up, glamour shots are a thing of the past. Let’s face it, you’re never going to be able to have a beauty team accompany you to auditions, therefore you will never again look like your headshot. All too often a casting director will say, “This headshot doesn’t look like you.” If you don’t look like your photograph, how will they remember you when they’re casting a show? As a general rule of thumb, your headshot should look like you on your best audition day. Obviously, you don’t want to look like you rolled out of bed ten minutes ago to stand in line outside the audition room, but you don’t want it to look like you’re on your way to the Tony’s, either. You should look like you do when you’ve had the time to get yourself ready to show your best. If you generally wear your hair a certain way to audition, have your headshot reflect that, and the same goes for make-up.

What do I wear?

Solid colors are your friend, prints and patterns are not! As a general rule of thumb, stick to colors darker or brighter than your skin; pastel colors can make you look washed-out. White can be fine under something else, but should be avoided by itself (as always, there are exceptions). Black can go both ways. It’s a good idea to have options with necklines for both men and women. Textures also photograph well, and if you’re told a certain top brings out your eyes, bring it!

Do you shoot indoors or outdoors?

Both. I’m here to shoot the kind of shots you want, but when given the choice, I like to shoot indoors and out. While a nice, clean background might look dull to you, it’s a great idea to have one, should your headshot be printed in a playbill; the less detail the better. That being said, you might like your 8x10 color shots to have a more unique feel, with an interesting and non-distracting colorful background. Personally, I love splitting up a session. We can start indoors and grab that cliché white background shot, and then take a walk outdoors and see what inspires us.

What if the weather is bad the day of my scheduled shoot?

If you have you want studio shots, the weather won’t get in our way. If you wanted to shoot outdoors, or a combination of the two, we will simply reschedule at our earliest convenience. If you check the weather a week before your session and it calls for rain, don’t panic. The forecast won’t be close to accurate until the day before. And even if there is a slight chance of rain on the day of your shoot, we still might decide to meet and see what happens. The lighting before and after the rain can produce incredible headshots.

How long will it take to get my images?

Generally, you will have jpeg files of your entire shoot the same day. These will be low-resolution photos that are great for e-mailing friends and family, or posting that Facebook album titled “help me choose!” They are also large enough for you to be able to scroll through and see the details, helping you to pick your favorites. After you’ve decided which images you would like retouched, the high-resolution images will be available within three to five days.

Have a question not answered here? Please feel free to contact me!