I am a fashion and headshot photographer based in New York City. With the ever-expanding digital photography market, new photographers are popping up every day, so why choose me?

First of all, I’ve been there; for my own headshots, I’ve had both positive and negative experiences, and I do everything I can to make sure your experience is positive. As a musical director and audition accompanist, I have seen hundreds of headshots, and have heard first-hand what casting directors have to say about them. These experiences have given me the knowledge of what makes a great headshot, and it is my goal to make sure you have an image that you love and represents you well. And let’s be honest, it’s also my goal that everyone else will love it and say “Great headshot! Where did you get it done?” Because of that, I want your headshot to be great just as much as you do.

I also don’t take myself too seriously, which helps keep the environment relaxed. And if I do say so myself, I’m pretty easy to get along with. I connect with people quickly, choose hugs over handshakes, and within no time at all, you’ll feel like you’re shooting with a friend. I love to laugh and will do whatever I can to get you to crack a smile, too. Now that this is sounding more like an online dating profile, I’ll stop here, and let you snoop around the rest of the site.